Kerala State Co-operative Election Commission

AS per G.O (P) No.11/2002/Co-op.dated 16.01.2001 and G.O (P) No.52/2001/Co-op.dated 07.03.2001 the Government have constituted the State Co-operative Election Commission and had started Functioning from march 2001 onwards. The  State Co-operative Election Commission have to exercise the power of superintendence, direction,control and the conduct of election to the committee of all credit,Apex and federal Societies all over kerala.

The Committee at least  60 days prior to the expiration of term pass a resolution fixing the date, time and place for the conduct of the election the new committee and sent the resolution to the election commission within 7 days. The Election Commissioning their Circular No:1/2001 date.10.5.2001 has instructed that the resolution for the conduct of election shall also contain the request for the appointment of returning officer and electoral officer, and  foreword the  resolution through the joint Registrar (G).

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